Instructions on how to create or edit a list.

In order to create or edit a list, you must register a new account by clicking the REGISTER button on the top menu.

If you already have an account, you can simply login.

If you have lost your password, you can use the lost password form available from the login page. For any problem, use the contact form to reach an administrator.

Once logged in, click on the “NEW LIST” button.

Give a complete name to your list ex: “List of all murdered kings until now” and avoid sluggish names such as “killed kings”

If you want, you can introduce the list and its purpose.

Then, a table structure should be built. All murdered kings will occupy a line in the table and the rows will contains circumstancial details about the murder.

An example would be:

King name – Date murdered – By – Where – …

Try to keep all data congruent across all the table in order for these data to be possibly processed later.

Ex: under the date field, keep a standard numeric structure that can be classified from top to bottom such as year, month, day in a numerical value.

Since the editor doesn’t allow to create an initial table larger than 10×10, it can be a great idea to start your project on a spreadsheet, on your computer, using a software such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc and then copying the large table over WikiLists.

If you make a mistake, the website keep track of any previous version of your work. This is also useful if someone with bad intentions do any vandalism or if someone with too good intentions simply ruined your work.

You can anytime restore a previous version of any list.