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Because there is no reason why another web hoster than the one your website actually sits on would need to browse your website, because it will occur and it is simply some bots and hacking script crawling the web in a search of a security breach, here is a list of the CIDR ip address ranges that can be added to your .htaccess file to prevent unwanted access from major hosters on your site. Be sure not to block your own hoster.. or at least not the ip address your website is hosted on; because in fact, another server from the same web hoster you are actually could still possibly scam your website.

Godaddy CIDR ip range
A Small Orange CIDR ip range
 DreamHost CIDR ip range CIDR ip range
 Microsoft Azur CIDR ip range CIDR range
 WideOpenWest Finance LLC CIDR ip range
 HighWinds comm group CIDR ip range